Is it legal?

Your American Radar Detector is legal to use in non-commercial vehicles (under 10,000 lbs.) in United States except in Virginia and Washington D.C. In United States, the use of Radar Detectors is illegal when used in commercial vehicles.

Am I invisible to VG2, Spectre and Elite?

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Where should I install my American Radar?

Mount your American Radar in an area with an unobstructed view of the road. Generally speaking, a radar detector mounted in lower position on the windshield is better for laser detection and a higher position is better for radar detection. Note however, in most vehicles, the difference in height between the top and bottom of the windshield is not significant to make any perceptible difference in radar reception.


What is the return policy?

If within 30 days you are not completely satisfied with your purchase from our website, you can return it to American Radar for a full refund. Please email us with your order number.

What is the warranty policy?

Your American Radar has a 1-year limited factory-backed warranty from the date of first purchase. For full details, please refer to your manual that was supplied with your product.You can extend the warranty to 2 years by registering your product online.

Where do you ship?

We ship to addresses within the United States. Other international shipping is not available at this time through our website. However, we will try to accommodate and ship to almost all countries around the world if contacted by phone, or email.

What about taxes?

In the United States, we charge sales tax for sales in states where we or our billing partners are required to collect it. Any sales tax charged will be indicated during the checkout process.

Where else can I purchase American Radar?

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My American Radar doesn’t turn on!

If the detector does not power up, it is usually caused by a defective power cord. First check to see if there is a bad connection, or a blown fuse. Replace the fuse if needed.If your unit still does not power on, please order another power cord through our website, or contact us.

My American Radar has weak or no radar detection!

Make sure your radar detector is mounted in an area of the windshield with an unobstructed view of the road. If you still face the same issue, check to make sure your vehicle does not have or is covered with metallic film (such as InstaClear system) on the windshield.

The unit didn’t detect the police car!

The police officer may have a radar or laser gun in the police vehicle, but their guns are not always turned on when they are driving, or stopped. Nowadays, many radar guns, or laser guns will only transmit a signal when it is turned on.